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So, back in 2021, I waved goodbye to Goodreads and went on a hunt for new book tracking apps. That's when I stumbled upon The Storygraph. A year later, I discovered BookWyrm — a federated social network for book lovers. Being the curious soul that I am, I decided to use both at the same time to figure out which one I liked better.

Yep, I was doing the double-entry thing for a while, but it got old quick. At some point I stopped logging my books in BookWyrm because I clearly preferred doing that using The Storygraph. I just looked at my BookWyrm account today and noticed I missed logging more than 20 books this year. In the end, I realized I didn't want to waste any more time double-logging books.

After some soul-searching, I've decided to keep all my book-tracking action in one place. The Storygraph has won me over with its sleek interface, awesome book database and cool stats. It’s easy to search books by title, author or book series, it has different book editions to choose from, it has a content warning section and I really love the “Up-Next” feature. The Storygraph has become my books’ haven.

Now, my BookWyrm account is at a crossroads, and after much thought, I've decided it's time to part ways. The Storygraph has won me over, and to streamline my bookish life, I'm hitting that delete button on BookWyrm. It's been a good run, but it's time to bid farewell. Here's to new beginnings! 📚

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Since Goodreads was bought by Amazon I’ve been trying to find a replacement for my book tracking. Last year I moved over from Goodreads to The Storygraph.

And then I decided to explore the Fediverse using Mastodon and heard about BookWyrm: a federated social network for book lovers. When I knew that I could import my data using a CVS file, I gave it a try. And I’m loving BookWyrm!

Here are the steps I took to make the move:

Choosing an instance and signing up

There is this neat landing page that can help us see the list of available instances and choose one to join. I chose the flagship (the biggest) instance and joined After my request to join was approved I got a message to confirm my email and logged in.


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