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I've been curating my media consumption lately. At some point this year I was subscribed to 21 podcasts! That was a lot and I could never keep up. Even though I didn't need to listen to ALL episodes, having this huge list made me feel overwhelmed.

Nowadays, I have a smaller list of podcasts that I listen to regularly. I usually listen to them while doing chores around the house. They are:

  • Deep Questions by Cal Newport: one of the best productivity podcasts nowadays. It's down to earth, it brings interesting insights and brings valuable lessons.
  • Your Undivided Attention by the Center for Humane Technology: Deep discussions about how we use and regulate technology, its downsides and how can we change it.
  • Our Opinions are Correct by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders: Nerdy discussions about science fiction and fantasy with parallels to the real world. It's informative and funny.
  • Sword and Laser by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt: A Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Club. I've been listening to their episodes and following their book picks for years now.
  • Reading Glasses by Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara: Another bookish podcast. These ladies are hilarious, and they cover all types of books, all types of readers with tips on how to become a better reader.
  • Currently Reading Podcast by Meredith Monday Schwartz and Kaytee Cobb: This one was recently added to my list. I really like the format, even though they cover genres I'm not really into. Each episode they bring books they've read with interesting comments without spoilers and in a very respectful way.

Some other podcasts I listen to once in a while, in no particular rush:

  • Fall of Civilizations by Paul M.M. Cooper: Amazing history podcast. The episodes are really long!
  • StarTalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science and nerdy stuff. Scientists are often in the show, and Neil is the best communicator of our times. It's my favourite science podcast.
  • Getting Things Done from Vital Learning by Lars Rothschild Henriksen and Morten Røvik: Some GTD methodology discussions and interviews. Even though I've been using GTD for years, I always learn something new in this podcast.

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