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The ladies at the Reading Glasses Podcast often talk about a reader’s Wheelhouse and Doghouse. The reading Wheelhouse are genres, settings, character traits, plots, etc. in books that you enjoy reading about. The Doghouse can be themes, genres, situations, triggers that you avoid.

I just finished a book for my Book Club meetup next week. It's from an acclaimed author, who won a Nobel Prize, and I really didn't get into it. Although I didn’t like the book overall, it was a useful insight into my reading life.

I just started putting these together: here are my latest Wheelhouse and Doghouse lists:


  • First-person narrator
  • Found families
  • Engaging magic systems
  • Smart robots / Androids / AI’s
  • Space Operas / Space Travel
  • Anti-heroes who want to do good things
  • Badass female protagonists
  • Characters winning by outsmarting opponents, instead of overpowering them
  • Sherlock Holmes style deductive reasoning
  • Enemies to lovers


  • Magical realism
  • Horror / Gore
  • Literary fiction with hints of science fiction

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