Life update: second encounter with Covid

I tested positive for Covid-19 this morning 😐. My partner got it first, 2 days later I started having symptoms. This is my second time; first time I got it was in December 2022.

I’m glad I took all the vaccines: now I don’t have any serious symptoms just the usual: sore throat, headache, some sneezing and running nose. The headache seems worse this time, tho! It’s like a bad migraine, stronger than I thought.

We are isolating ourselves at home. I called in sick at work today, and I will only get back at the office after 2 days of testing negative and having no symptoms.

It’s annoying, my head hurts, but I’m taking this time to rest as much as I can. I took a nap today, which something that I NEVER do during the day (unless I’m sick).

I will probably be working from home this whole week and I kinda missed it!? My company did not embrace the whole “work from home” movement or flexible schedule. But it’s nice to be in a quieter work environment for a change. I will be able to stop for 10 minutes and sit down on my yoga mat to meditate or stretch. I can pause and read a few pages of a book without feeling guilty. I will enjoy less interruptions from colleagues.

Reflecting a bit, I wish the work environment were more flexible in all industries. Only by working from home for a few days I realize how noisy and distracting my office environment is. I still have an office where I can close the door if needed (on a conference call, for example) but my manager is an advocate of the “open door policy” for collaboration. I wish I could keep my door closed for longer periods of time when I’m focusing on deep work, for example. Sometimes I do. But even my manager will knock and open my door to ask something if I’m in the middle of a conference call.

I never feel fully able to truly focus when I’m at the office, because people will interrupt me if they need something. The “open door policy” is strong at my work environment. The whole office will be renovated soon, and they will turn all the offices in cubicles because it’s better for “collaboration”. I don’t like the idea, I’ve worked in open office spaces before, and it was incredibly stressful to me. On the other hand, the office renovation will include a “wellness” room. We’ll see…

Anyway, I guess I’m ranting a lot today. Must be this Covid headache! 😷

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