Completing an old project: the sofa bed 🛋️

There was this sofa bed at IKEA that was within our budget, and it would fit perfectly in our living room. I’ve been trying to purchase it for about a year now. Because of the pandemic, this item was constantly out of stock. During this time, I got a few notifications that it was back in stock, but every time I tried to purchase, it was gone. I guess some people were quicker than me!

Today, at 5am in the morning, I saw the “back in stock” notification and placed an order right away! I secured one out of the 4 available. Finally! 🤗

Since we moved to the house, we’ve been planning to get a sofa bed. We haven’t owned a sofa since 2017. We’ve been using the POÄNG armchairs from IKEA to watch movies/TV shows, and they are very comfortable, I like them. But now we have a little bit more space in the house and we wanted to be able to receive guests to sleep overnight.

This was a Project that was on my list since at least July 2022 and now I’ll finally be able to complete it! Yay!

Post 13/100 of 100DaysToOffload challenge!

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