Exporting notes from Evernote to Markdown: mission accomplished!

I'm moving all my notes out of Evernote. And I have a notebook there with all my e-books notes and highlights for the past 7+ years. A total of 276 notes. One note per book.

I've always used this free service my.clippings.io to export my Kindle highlights to Evernote. It also exports to .txt, .pdf and .doc. But, the only way to have separate files (one note per book) is when I use the Evernote option.

My issue here is: how can I convert all these Evernote notes to markdown??😕

The solution: Joplin!

I installed Joplin on my computer just to do this conversion. So, I exported the notebook from Evernote as an .enex file. Then imported it into Joplin, and Voilà, perfect! Then I used Joplin to export all the notes into Markdown. Joplin created a folder with all the files in there. 😎

List of my markdown files with Kindle Notes and Highlights

My goal with all of this is:

Yes, I'm reading about the Zettelkasten method and trying out Obsidian as a digital tool for connecting and developing ideas. I'm still grasping the concepts and wondering how I should organize Obsidian for this purpose.

This was a temporary solution to bulk export my notes from Evernote. From now on I'll export the book notes individually as I finish them, so I'll just use the .txt format for that.

To be continued...

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