No more Facebook πŸ‘Ž

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account. Yes, I didn’t delete it yet, but I deleted my photo albums. I decided to be away from Twitter and Facebook this month inspired by Cal Newport’s book Digital Minimalism.

The thing is: there is so much information available on the internet and I don’t want to let an algorithm show me what to see. That’s why I always love [moderated] discussion forums. It’s theme focused and generally people there are looking for information and trying to help each other. Social media has some of it too, but 99% of it is just showing off.

I remember it was not used to be that way. It really was a more personal approach where we could connect and share ideas with close friends. Now it’s an ad driven world where quantity matters more than quality. I used to love social media. I joined the first “connect to friends” websites back when “social media” was not even a noun. I used to have an account at It was launched 22 years ago. It was shut down in 2001. Then I used MySpace (not my favorite), Orkut (2007, I remember there were hundreds of useless groups and hate speech started to build there) and then, Facebook (2009).

At the beginning I used Facebook to connect to a group of international colleagues from a course I’ve taken abroad. Facebook was not about news or companies profiles. There were only people. There were ads, yes, but they were less obnoxious. At some point all these companies started to show up on Facebook and ads started to overflow our timelines. And then viral videos. And then the non-chronological timeline. That annoyed me a lot. A timeline where you had no control of. Then I started to realize something was wrong with Facebook and with what my contacts were publishing there. It was all fake. It was all just for show. And I include myself in this madness.
It’s time to stop the madness.

I’ve long deleted my timeline on Facebook, meaning: I don’t see anything on my timeline. I was occasionally logging to Facebook to check out some groups. And that’s all I did there.
I deleted my photo albums. And I’m still trying to delete my comments and likes but there’s no way to automate that. I have to go to every single post and delete it manually. I’m still searching for a better solution.

I wonder if I delete my account, all my data will be deleted or Facebook will still have that data in their servers. I wanted to do a full delete from their servers. I don’t know if that’s possible yet.

For now, I deactivated my account. I’ll be away from Facebook for 30 days.

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Being outside biking

We had a sunny and warm day today!
I think it was the first warm of the year, actually. First weekend with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.
There was one thing I’ve been wanting to do for more than a year now: go bike in one of the roads they close on Sunday mornings.
I finally did it and it was great!
I knew I was bit out of shape to go for long bike rides so 20km was just about right.
Good day!

Sunday bike ride

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All that matters and transformation


I always feel overwhelmed at the end of the year. So I took a little break. I wanted to feel less stressed and more peaceful inside. I took a break from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I drastically reduced the time I spend with these social networks from Christmas until New Year. There are always too many messages, advertisement and images overload.Β I backed away, and it was GOOD! I started to focus more on the activities that I truly enjoy and matters most to me. And I reflected on how I feel about the year that passed. SoΒ let me be happy and share some achievements of 2013:

  1. I read 33 books the whole year. My goal was 30, so that was great!
  2. I kept a regular running schedule and ran 360 km last year. It’s 30km per month, average of 7,5km per week. I usually run on weekends, at the outdoors, because the sun and wind makes me feel incredible. I know that the total distance is not THAT incredible, but quality is better than quantity πŸ™‚
  3. I helped people with simple actions!
  4. I realized I REALLY need down time. More than I think I have known before. I like quiet moments. Actually, I NEED quiet moments. And disconnecting from the internet more often made me see how beneficial it is to me.
  5. I rediscovered music. I started learning how to play guitar early in the year, but at around half of it I put this activity away for some time because of my masters. Learning to play an instrument requires dedication, and I couldn’t manage working with my dissertation AND learning this new skill. But the spark is there, now I just need to trigger it when the right time comes.
  6. I started a morning routine.
  7. The phrase “LESS IS MORE” never made so much sense to me. I could see that even if we keep an organized schedule to achieve all that we desire, there is a limit to it. A highly organized schedule in which you can handle many activities is great, but it is important to know how much you can take. I realized I don’t like being a “multitask-er”. My energy is limited, and now I feel I know when to stop.
  8. I traveled and saw beautiful places and people.
  9. I entered the world of meditation. It is still very challenging to me, but I am now meditating in the morning to start the day with full energy and peace. And that makes a difference. Amazing how 10-15 minutes of mindfulness can rock my day!
  10. I learned to eat very healthy. More fruits, vegetables and nuts. No frozen and fried food, less processed food.
  11. I lowered my expectations.
  12. I started practicing Yoga. A whole new world opened before my eyes! It is something that calms me and makes me feel at ease. Well, I am a total beginner, but at least I now know how to do a “Sun Salutation”. It is very challenging, and that’s perfect!
  13. I read some more.
  14. I started keeping a personal journal. I don’t write in it daily yet, but I could feel how my mind works with and without this regular activity.
  15. I started this Blog this year! Yay!!

Well, these are the things that I consider as my milestones, but above all, the major lesson that 2013 has taught me is that all we need is BALANCE.

And my goal is to balance the things that make me feel happy with the time I have to dedicate on my master dissertation. I am at the final stage, writing results and discussion and formatting the final text. That requires focus, quiet times and down time to recharge.

I will just finish with a quote from one book I am currently reading. It is all about peace, love and happiness!

“Simplifying one’s life to extract its quintessence is the most rewarding of all the pursuits I have undertaken. It doesn’t mean giving up what is truly beneficial, but finding out what really matters and what brings lasting fulfillment, joy, serenity, and, above all, the irreplaceable boon of altruistic love. It means transforming oneself to better transform the world.”

–The Art of Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill
by Ricard, Matthieu