Looking at the night-sky

“When we look up at night and view the stars, everything we see is shinning because of distant nuclear fusion.”
― Carl Sagan, Cosmos (1980)

Aurora over Norway. Credit: Tommy Eliassen.  Astrophotographer Tommy Eliassen took this image of an aurora over Hemnesberget, Norway on April 6th, 2013. Comet pan-STARRS and andromeda are also visible in the image.

The amazing website Space.com  monthly publishes photos of the sky sent by its readers. You can check more photos of this series here.

A clear distinction

Astronomy is a science – the study of the universe as it is. Astrology is a pseudoscience – a claim, in the absence of good evidence, that the other planets affect our everyday lives. In Ptolemy’s time the distinction between astronomy and astrology was not clear. Today it is.”
–Cosmos by Carl Sagan (1980)

Yes, the distinction is clear today, but sometimes I  wonder if everybody knows it…