Tucked under blankets

Okay. Today I need to confess one thing. I haven’t exercised this week. And I feel guilty, because my excuse is: “it’s too damn cold!!”. For those not familiar, I live in Brazil, south region. And this week a major cold wave struck South America and, consequently, reached my city bringing very unusual low temperatures. You can check some news about it here and here.

I woke up with this “lovely” forecast:



Now, for people living in the north hemisphere, this forecast may not seem so scary. After all, in countries with severe winters there are heating systems, fireplaces and other heating facilities.

There are some places here with some minimal heating infrastructure, but they are mostly located in inner cities further south or west, up in the mountains, where it can occasionally snow for a few days once in a while.

I live by the sea, in the beautiful island of Florianopolis. The occurrence of snow was not registered around here since 1984. The nearby mountains (country side) were covered with snow two days ago. Well, the meteorological service says that the phenomenon will not repeat so soon. Everybody here is delighted with the view!

This is an image of how the top of the hills of the nearby city of Palhoça were covered with snow:

Snow in the city of Palhoça (Source: noticias.uol.com.br)


So, facing these low temperatures without adequate heating systems is not so pleasant. And that’s the reason why I don’t feel like changing into my exercise outfit and getting out there for some action. I will wait until the temperatures are slightly higher: something around 12-15ºC would be just great!!

Now I can go to sleep guilty-free, tucked under blankets and hoping not to freeze!

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